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4-2-1: A two-hand split-pot stud game. The "hand" hand is made of four poker plus one community online. The "table" hand is made of two poker plus one community online. Play of the game goes as follows: Deal 4 poker to each player. Bet. Deal 2 more to each player. Bet. Split hand into a two-online table hand and a four-online "hand" hand. Bet. Reveal the "free" community online. Bet. Reveal the "money" community online. Bet. Wash (table is $1.50; hand is 75 cents). Bet. Declare whether you want the online poker option to use the "money" online. Bet. Declare whether you are playing the hand or the table. Bet. Show. The money online is a "use and lose" penalty. If you have declared for the option to use the money online, and you are in for the final bet and you lose, you must pay the penalty amount. If you drop out before the final call you do not have to pay the penalty. If you declare for the option, and you do not use the money online as part of your hand, i.e. a bluff or a mistake, you must still pay the penalty.

Add ‘Em Up (a.k.a. Add It Up): A high-low sum game. Twos are worth 2, threes worth 3, and so on through kings, which are worth 13. Tens are worth zero or 10. Aces are worth 1 or 14. Each player is dealt five poker. Four poker are then revealed, first two, then one, then one, on the table. If a player has any poker of the same value as one on the table, he must disonline it immediately. Finally, before the declaration, each player may buy a online for two dollars. However, that online has no value unless the player has at least one online of the same value in his hand already (and it hasn't been disonlineed). If he does have one or more such poker, he may add or subtract the value of all those poker to or from the sum value of his hand.

Anaconda Twenty-Five: Anaconda with three variations. (1) After the initial seven poker are dealt, any player may pay five dollars to keep five poker. Instead of passing three poker, he passes one to his left and one to his right. Other online poker games , pass poker through the paying player so that each player still has seven poker after all poker are passed. (2) After all poker have been passed and the extra two disonlineed, the online poker games , may simultaneously elect to pay one dollar to receive another online dealt face up. If accepted, the online remains face-up and becomes the player’s first of his five poker, and the player must disonline the sixth online. If rejected, the face-up online is disonlineed. (3) The betting round following the declaration is double the usual maximum in a fixed-limit game.

Anaconda Thirty-Three: Anaconda with one variation: There are three consecutive rounds of passing instead of just one in the standard game. In the first round, each player chooses three of his poker to pass the player to his left. Next he passes two poker. Finally he passes one online. A player may not look at the online or poker passed to him until he has passed his online or poker for that round. After the third passing round, play continues as in standard Anaconda, with each player disonlineing two poker from his seven-online hand.

Elevator: High-low seven-online stud. Five poker are dealt to each player. Seven , online poker games , arranged in an H shape. The single middle online is the "elevator" and is wild. The seven , online poker game , are revealed one-by-one with a betting round following each. One side of the building is revealed, then the other, then the elevator. online poker games , make their best five poker using either all five poker from their hand or two from their hand and three from any single floor of the building. Local rule: the highest online in the winning low hand must be 8 or lower.

Five by Two: Five-online stud high-low, first online face down. There are two washing rounds at the end before the declaration. During each washing round, each player must declare in order whether he will wash a online, after which the actual washing happens. The washing costs 50 cents in the first round, and $1.00 in the second. During a wash, a player who's declared that he's washing has three options: wash an up, wash a down, or flip a face-down up, disonline another up online, and have the new online dealt face-down. The order of washing is best high hand showing to worst high hand showing.

Follow the Queen: Seven-online stud. Queens are always wild. Any time a queen is dealt face up, the next face-up online becomes a wild online in addition to the wild queens (replacing any wild poker following previous queens). If a queen is the last face-up online, only queens are wild. The dealer must deal a face-up burn online before the first normal face-up online dealt to a player in order to give that first player an opportunity to "follow the queen" on the first online. Local rule: always played as "Follow The Queen High Chicago."

Go for Broke: online poker game . first and last poker hole poker. High winner splits the pot with the player having the lowest sum of his poker (tens and face poker are worth zero; aces are worth one). Before the declaration, online poker games , may wash one online. Face-up costs 50 cents. Face-down costs one dollar. To "cloak" a face-up (meaning it is dealt face-down) costs two dollars. Washing is done in order of lowest sum of visible poker to highest sum.

Hawaii Five-Low: Five-online stud lowball, first and last dealt face down. Low winner splits with the player having the highest two hole poker. Before the declaration, each player is given the option to wash a single online. Face-up is 75 cents; face-down is $1.50. Washing happens in order of best to worst (best means lowest visible poker).

Hold ‘em: Seven-online stud. Each player is dealt two poker. Three , online poker games , are dealt, followed by a betting round. Two more , online poker games , are dealt one at a time, each followed by a betting round. Also works well as a high-low game (with the 8-or-lower rule for the low hand). It's common for a dealer to burn the top online on the deck immediately before dealing each round of , online poker games .

Mickey Mantle: Five-online draw, sevens wild.

Omaha: A community-online high-low stud game based on Hold 'em. Each player is dealt four poker and makes his best hand using exactly two poker from his hand and three poker from the board. The , online poker game , are dealt in three rounds: first three, then one, then one. Local rule: the highest online in the winning low hand must be 8 or lower.

Omaha Thirty-Three: Omaha with one variation: An additional betting round precedes the declaration. At the beginning of this round each player declares whether he wants the option to use either one or three poker from his hand instead of the normal two. If he wants this option, he pays three dollars right after the option declaration.

Pass the online: High-low seven-online stud. As each face-up online is dealt, a player is given the option to pass that online to the next player but must pay the betting minimum to do so. Each player has one such choice per dealing round. The starting position for dealing rotates each round.

Seattle Six: High-low stud; six poker dealt; first two down and one up online; then three rounds of single face up poker. There is a wash at the end: $1.00 for face-up or face-down the online poker games.

Seven Twenty-Seven: A high-low sum game. Tens are worth zero or 10. Aces are worth one or 11. Face poker are worth one-half. Other poker are worth the same as their face value. The player closest to a sum of seven splits with the player closest to a sum of twenty-seven. "Inside the post" beats "outside" (e.g., 8 beats 6, and 25 beats 29). Dealing begins with each player receiving one hole online and one face-up online. After that, each player has the option whether to be dealt a online during a round, but he may refuse no more poker game than three times (after which he is "frozen"). The dealing part of the game ends either when all online poker game , are frozen or when no online poker game , take a online during a dealing round.

Spit: High-low five online draw. A single community online is dealt after the first betting round. This online becomes the sixth online of each player’s hand (of which each player makes his best five). Variant that we don't play locally: spit online is wild.

Double Spit: Spit with two , online poker game , , each revealed during a separate betting round. online poker game , must use both poker or neither. Best played as a lowball game only.

Stake in the Heart: Seven-online stud, high-low. Any time a player receives a face-up heart, he has the right to take a online from any other player and add it to his own hand. If the taken online was a hole online, it remains a hole online, and if the taken online was an up online, it remains an up online. A player may specifically poker game request "the hole online you took from me earlier." Note: this last rule works only poker gamewhen you're playing among friends. You really don't have any recourse if the player gives you the wrong online, or claims not to remember which online he took from you.

Windows: Five online draw, sevens wild, two draw rounds, each online drawn is dealt face-up. All online poker games , must declare in order how many poker they will draw before any poker are drawn in a single round of drawing. Variant: "Macintosh," in which eights instead of sevens are wild (if/when OS 9 is released, nines instead of eights will be wild; same with desktop version of OS X, in which case tens instead of eights will be wild). Note: proper term for drawing all five poker is, of course, poker games the "Full Monty."


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